Hey there! I’m Kisha, a seasoned apparel designer with over 15 years of experience turning fabric into wearable pieces. Originally hailing from the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, New York, I now call the sunny, style-savvy city of Los Angeles my home.
With a keen creative eye and a knack for technical execution, my passion lies in the intricate art of garment construction. My portfolio spans a diverse range of unisex apparel, from effortlessly cool t-shirts and cozy fleece to versatile light wovens and trendy denim pieces.
I thrive on blending creativity with precision, ensuring every stitch and seam speaks to my dedication to quality and innovation. Whether it’s designing a laid-back tee or crafting the perfect pair of jeans, my mission is to create pieces that not only look great but feel amazing to wear. And in my out-of-office hours, you can find me hand-knitting something cozy or adding rhinestones to practically anything I can.
Let’s create something incredible together!
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